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Bhagwat Geeta : Types of persons prone to develop stress

Bhagwat Geeta : Types of persons prone to develop stress

Bhagwat Geeta : Types of persons prone to develop stress

 The godless do not know how to act or how to renounce. They have neither purity nor


truth. They do not understand the right principles of conduct.


They say the universe is an accident with no purpose and no God. Life is created by sexual


union, a product of lust and nothing else.


Thinking thus, these degraded souls, these enemies of mankind – whose intelligence is


negligible and whose deeds are monstrous – come into the world only to destroy.


Giving themselves up to insatiable passions, hypocritical, self-sufficient and arrogant,


cherishing false conception founded on delusion, they work only to carry out their own


unholy purposes.


Poring anxiously over evil resolutions, which only end in death; seeking only the


gratification of desire as the highest goal; seeing nothing beyond;


Caught in the toils of a hundred vain hopes, the slaves of passion and wrath, they


accumulate hoards of unjust wealth, only to pander to their sensual desire.


This I have gained today; tomorrow I will gratify another desire; this wealth is mine now,


the rest shall be mine ere long;


I have slain one enemy, I will slay the others also; I am worthy to enjoy, I am the


Almighty, I am perfect, powerful and happy;


I am rich, I am well-bred; who is there to compare with me? I will sacrifice, I will give,


I will pay – and I will enjoy. Thus blinded by Ignorance,


Perplexed by discordant thoughts, entangled in the snares of desire, infatuated by passion,


they sink into the horrors of hell.



Self-conceited, stubborn, rich, proud and insolent, they make a display of their patronage,


disregarding the rules of decency.


Puffed up by power and inordinate conceit, swayed by lust and wrath, these wicked


people hate Me Who am within them, as I am within all.