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When to consult a psychiatrist

When to consult a psychiatrist

When to consult a psychiatrist

Consult your psychiatrist if you , your friend or your relative is suffering from any of symptoms mentioned below for more than 15 days & if it is causing impairment in your work performance or making it  difficult for you to fulfill your responsibilities in social , personal  & family life.

  1. Sleep disturbances, inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, early morning awakening, frightening dreams, bed wetting in children.
  2. Sadness or depressed mood , lack of interest in pleasurable activities , feeling angry , weakness , guilt , crying spells , suicidal ideation or plans , hopelessness
  3. Excessive worries, anxiety palpitation, trembling, sweating, irrational fear of situation events or places
  4. Repeated hand washing, checking door knobs or stove or electric switches, fear of dirt or germs, fear of developing some serious illness, unwanted & unpleasant sexual or aggressive thoughts or impulses.
  5. Hearing nasty voices, suspecting that somebody may kill you or planning to harm you, doubting  on the character of spouse without cause, social withdrawl , irrelevant talks, muttering, aggressive behavior, neglect of hygiene & self care.
  6. Excessive & rapid speech , falsely believing that he / she has special powers or is a special person , irritability, being socially irresponsible or sexually inappropriate, spending money foolishly .
  7. Sudden loss of body function like loss of voice, sight or ability to walk , convulsion or fits (without any medical cause).
  8. Sexual dysfunction - reduced sexual drive, inability to get full erection & pre-mature ejaculation.
  9. Behavior problem in children, hyperactivity, attention deficit, impulsivity